I'm Nate. I'm a Photo Editor.

Photo Editing

Blemish Removal

This image was sent to me as a small hardcopy photo with a landscape aspect ratio. The request was to crop the image into a portrait aspect ratio, enlarge it to 8"x10", and prepare it for print. In addition, they wanted acne spots and facial lines removed from the girl, and noise reduced and dust removed from the image.

  • Acne Removal, Line Removal, Dust Removal, Noise Reduction, Enlarging, Cropping
  • Photo Editing, Ready for Print
  • January, 2012
Cindy, Before Photo Cindy, After Photo
Twins, Before Photo Twins, After Photo

Tear Removal

This image was sent to me as a hardcopy photo. The photo had been torn in two places, with the larger tear across more than 50% of the photo. The photo also had a few smaller issues, including dust and noise to be removed, and some hair to be moved out of the face of one of the girls.

  • Tear Removal, Hair Removal, Dust Removal, Noise Reduction
  • Photo Editing, Ready for Print

Wrinkle Removal

The objective here was not to fully remove the wrinkles from this gentleman's face, but rather reduce their severity.

  • Wrinkle Removal, Line Removal
  • Photo Editing
Farmer, Before Photo Farmer, After Photo
Girl, Before Photo Girl, After Photo

Acne Removal

Here, I was tasked with clearing up this young woman's skin. She had quite a bit of acne, and wanted it removed from the photo.

  • Acne Removal
  • Photo Editing

Touch of Color

This request was part of a two step process: create a black and white version of the photo, and isolate her purple hat and retain the hues therein.

  • Color Isolation, Black and White Photography, Touch of Color
  • Photo Editing
Girl in Purple Hat, Before Photo Girl in Purple Hat, After Photo

Whether your photos need healing (blemish, dust, spot or scratch removal), hardcopy repairs (tears or fading), color correction, proper alignment, framing, or something else, I can repair them for you.


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